• Bar

    When you enter the TOUCH, first comes in a normal bar-room with bar, bar stools and a few tables. However, we find strong handles and various utensils SM ...


  • Rooms

    Behind and above the bar area, the rooms are equipped with everything SM-girlfriends and -Friends can possibly want. Suitable for ...


  • Clinic

    This hospital was built and furnished with great attention to detail and expertise in the style of the early 80s. For this reason, you feel when you enter ...


  • Drinks

    Between also for the thirst is well taken care of; whether wine or beer, sparkling wine or whiskey, everything is there. And that too at reasonable prices without 'it shipped' ...


  • Rents

    Anything that is fun, should also be used. In TOUCH interested can rent all this; the atmosphere and everything that goes with it, is plentiful and ...


  • Press Comments

    What in TOUCH as "going" is reflected in many publications of the domestic and foreign press. Especially the journals of the SM scene ...


Mistress Anita brings you happy by the European fame SM club in the heart of Hamburg St. Pauli.

A "behind the scenes" will show you what makes it so unusual and unique TOUCH

The SM-TOUCH Club is located in the Erich Straße 16, 20359 Hamburg.
It is tucked between the Reeperbahn and the harbor, in the middle of St.Pauli.

Contact (from 14:00)
040-316820 * 0171-5034926 Mistress Anita.

E-Mail: akerchel@gmail.com



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